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Fly With Monkey is a special place where extraordinary games and applications for the biggest mobile platforms are being developed. Because of new programing solutions, it has never been easier to quickly develop software that can run in Android, iOS, Windows8, and Facebook at the same time.

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bartek piotrek daniel
Bartosz Cholewiński

Team’s graphic designer. Very accurate in his job, since he care about every single detail. He have been fascinated with manga and video games for years. He’s also an optimist and a man with a good heart, who always knows how to find a way out of a difficult situation.


Piotr Radzikowski

A programmer and a musician. He loves algorithms and programing, and he always tries to infect the rest of the team with his affection. Since he doesn’t drink coffee, he gets his energy from chocolate, green tea leaves and the rays of sunshine.


Daniel Troć

A talented illustrator, who wouldn’t be parted from his tablet and a cup of coffee even for a moment.  He’s also well known for his unlimited amounts of good humour. He boosts the team’s morale with good jokes and rock music.



Kamil Dworak

His second name is “ Mr. Certificate”. He’s obsessed with training courses and any other ways that can raise his qualifications.

Kamil Kukla

A translator, who can have his head stuck in the books for the whole day looking for an explanation of an unknown term. In his free time he plays the guitar thinking that he can conquer all women hearts with four chords.